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Expertise, reliability

and the courage to innovate.

We are RÖSBERG. With groundbreaking solutions in process automation, our specialist teams ensure that your plants are efficient and future-safe – and they have been doing so since 1962. Our customers appreciate the unusual breadth of our integrated portfolio: RÖSBERG combines a comprehensive engineering offer with an ever-expanding range of established software solutions for a digitalized process industry. As a manufacturer-independent system integrator with in-depth understanding of the sector, we cover the whole life cycle of your plant with our services – from planning, configuration, delivery and commissioning, to maintenance and ongoing support.

The courage to innovate

Professionalism meets personality.

At international level.

Leading plant owners, plant constructors and system manufacturers rely on RÖSBERG. The increasing complexity of automation engineering projects makes continual re-orientation and optimization essential. As a dynamic, owner-managed enterprise we feel we are in an excellent position to provide this, with our wide-ranging project experience, unusual innovative strength and clearly-defined values. Our 170-strong workforce of highly qualified employees autonomously carry out the most demanding projects in the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors and in Oil & Gas – from seven locations, far beyond the borders of German.

Close-up knowledge.

Far-sighted vision.

Future-safe automation concepts for more efficiency, and the safe operating of process plants, do not just spontaneously happen. They are the result of a clearly-focused joint effort made in a spirit of cooperation, with flexible organization structures. With several thousand successfully completed projects behind us, we know what is needed in practice, and we speak our customers’ language. So we always implement, in collaborative dialogue, the best long-term solution for every type of application. In this respect our service units are largely autonomously organized to make their own decisions, with a maximum focus on the customer – for your projects, your advantage and your success.

A strong, proactive team

RÖSBERG: Innovative since 1962


Looking to the future

Since 1 July 2023, Christian Manko has been supporting Paul Rösberg as CFO in the management of the family-owned company. The common goal is to continue to drive the steady growth of the company. It is also the desire to contribute to decarbonisation with the company.


A Strong Duo

RÖSBERG prepares for the future: Paul Rösberg takes over from his father Ralph in the company management. Together with Ute Heimann, he continues to expand the successfully growing team of the family-managed company.


Next Generation

RÖSBERG got reinforcements. Since the beginning of the year Paul Rösberg has been supporting Ute Heimann and Ralph Rösberg in the management as a further managing partner.


Safety first

RÖSBERG takes the next logical step in its commitment to offering customers integrated solutions: The portfolio is extended to include functional safety.


Everything under control

With the Plant Assist Manager (PAM) RÖSBERG delivers a digital answer to the challenges of complex workflows in process plants. The system simplifies filling processes, for example, by digitalization and integrates them vertically up to the level of ERP.


Germany’s biggest natural gas cavern storage project

RÖSBERG is awarded the contract for planning and implementing the process control infrastructure components for the biggest natural gas cavern storage project in Germany: in Jemgum, East Friesland, 12 caverns are formed, each with a cavity volume of 750,000 cubic meters!


A strong team

RÖSBERG is under strong dual management: Ralph Rösberg now manages the enterprise together  with his sister Ute Heimann. His son Paul also joins the company as an automation technology engineer.


Plant documentation
goes mobile

LiveDOK provides a modern alternative to endless shelves of paper files: The software from RÖSBERG makes the complete documentation of whole industrial plants available on mobile devices, without media discontinuity.


Founding of RÖSBERG Engineering Dalian (China)

RÖSBERG founds a 50:50 joint venture company together with Chinese entrepreneur Charly Lei. In 2006 RÖSBERG takes over the sole management and acquires two big customers in Chinese industry: Chemical Plant Co., Ltd. in Shanghai and the Dahua Group Dalian.


Death of company founder Manfred Rösberg

On 21.12.2002, Manfred Rösberg dies at the age of 72. Until shortly before his death, the founder of the enterprise was still regularly present in the company with his highly-valued expert knowledge gathered over many decades.


New opportunities in Asia

RÖSBERG expands into China and presents ProDOK in Beijng. This is the beginning of a special relationship: Today the enterprise is an established name on the Chinese and Indian market.


and change

Generation changeover at RÖSBERG: Ralph Rösberg takes over the management of the company. In the coming years he confidently continues along the path set by his father, with a sure awareness of trends, long-term developments and customers’ needs.


Pioneer of

Computers have arrived, and they are here to stay. Once again, RÖSBERG is at the cutting edge: with ProDOK, its planning tool for process automation, the company presents to the public the first product developed by its software experts in-house.


RÖSBERG presents stars
in the right light

Millions of viewers of the German ZDF channel benefit from RÖSBERG’s know-how – in the “Aktuelle Sportstudio” among other programs – because the controls of the sophisticated studio lighting in the newly opened broadcasting center in Lerchenberg, Mainz come straight from Karlsruhe.


Entering the world
of semiconductors

RÖSBERG accompanies the technological transformations in industry and shows entrepreneurial initiative, developing its first electronic control element: the programmable logic module FSR 80.


The beginning of
a success story

The young electrician Manfred Rösberg is quick to realize the potential of modern plant control systems and goes independent with the engineering office “Ingenieurbüro RÖSBERG”. Among his first customers are the Gundremmingen nuclear power plant and the Karlsruhe nuclear research center.



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