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Future and sustainability

Responsibility and appreciation

for people and nature

No future without sustainability - and vice versa. Sustainability begins in the mind. In all our fields of activity, our actions are marked by consideration and respect for people and resources.

This plays an increasingly important role, especially in our work. With more efficient processes, technologies and direct compensation we set standards as a climate neutral enterprise. Our self-developed software LiveDOK for paperless documentation, and our focus on digitalization, also support the climate-friendly development of our customers.

We devote great attention to health management for our employees, and support modern, flexible workplace models in recognition of the current realities of life today - also incidentally saving mileage to and from work. We are constantly aware of our ecological footprint, and we consciously adapt our daily work to improve it…

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We manage our carbon footprint

with PlanA

What is important for us at RÖSBERG when we think about sustainability? Taking responsibility - not only with fine-sounding words, but in black and white. As an enterprise, we are working together with PlanA towards the target of zero net emissions.

In this cooperation we have understood that every measure at the workplace can count towards reducing our carbon footprint - switching to an electric fleet and train travel, photovoltaics, the paperless office, and much more.

This is not all, however - in our enthusiasm for climate positive projects we dedicate part of our resources specifically to process engineering projects in the area of alternative energy production.

Paul Rösberg
Managing Director

Substainable work for usand others


The process industry can play a central role in decarbonization, not only with innovative solutions in its own field, but also because of its high energy demand. RÖSBERG supports the sectoral change towards climate neutrality with clever engineering concepts in the area of electrotechnology and automation. Already today, we integrate a broad consideration of sustainability aspects into our projects, and give our customers transparency regarding their own possibilities in this field.


Energy concepts

for a better future

Not only hydrogen will change our lives fundamentally - RÖSBERG is closely following the key industries of the energy transition. With visionary awareness of green energy sources and clean technologies, we want to engage in these challenging fields in future and make a contribution, both in the process industry and in the energy sector. Are you looking for a strong partner for your project - including sustainability aspects? Talk to us.

Spurring Innovation - looking ahead to the future

A broader View -SCR

A dedicated team -

at home and abroad

Commitment is in RÖSBERG’s DNA. Many of our colleagues engage in their private environment - in communities, societies and social projects. We stand behind this enthusiasm for community life and support a number of these projects and organizations.

And many more ...

For children in Honduras

a project close to our hearts

In 1990 Rosemarie Blattner founded a children’s house which is also a home for street children in Tegucigalpa, the capital city of Honduras, Latin America. RÖSBERG supports the “Casa Niños Rosa Maria” (children’s home and school), which gives many children the prospect of a new home and a good start in life.

Unfortunately, there are no state subventions or other forms of assistance in Honduras. The children’s home is financed entirely from private donations. We are happy about anyone who helps to support this work, and say thank you in the name of the children, and especially on behalf of Rosemarie Blattner, who urgently relies on this help.



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