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RÖSBERG ist ein

„Great Place to Work”

RÖSBERG is once again among the 100 best employers in Germany, and has achieved 10th place in the category of enterprises with 50 - 100 employees in the Great Place to Work® competition honouring Germany’s best employers in 2020. This was announced by the Great Place to Work® Institute, Germany. Awards are received by enterprises offering their employees an especially good and attractive company culture.

“We are very proud that RÖSBERG is one of Germany’s 100 best employers. The good position that we have achieved once again confirms us in the knowledge that our management and company culture are harmonious, and are appreciated by our employees”, says Ute Heimann, Managing Partner of RÖSBERG, commenting on the excellent result of the family firm in this prestigious competition.

Paul Rösberg adds: “I think the fact that we are placed among the best employers in Germany is due to our good working atmosphere, the contact we maintain with our employees and our commitment to their healthcare. Another important point is that we always listen to their concerns. We regularly inquire in surveys about issues they are concerned with, and then we tackle them.”

93% of RÖSBERG’s employees appreciate RÖSBERG’s health management and agree with the statement: “Employees receive helpful health promotion measures”. 92% of employees at RÖSBERG answer “Yes” to the question “All in all, I can say that this is a very good place to work”.

The basis for the assessment was a comprehensive, anonymous questionnaire addressed to RÖSBERG’s employees on topics central to the workplace, such as trust in the management, quality of cooperation, identification with the enterprise, opportunities for professional development, remuneration, health promotion and work-life balance. In addition, the management was questioned about supportive measures and offers by HR within the enterprise.

Enterprises of all sizes from all sectors throughout Germany took part in the Great Place to Work® competition «Germany’s Best Employers 2020» («Deutschlands Beste Arbeitgeber 2020»). They voluntarily submitted to a survey of the quality and attractiveness of their workplace culture by the independent Great Place to Work® Institute, and an assessment by their own employees. The list of the best employers was drawn from the whole field of participants (benchmarking was differentiated according to company size categories).

“The award stands for a workplace culture that is highly characterized by trust, pride and team spirit”, says Frank Hauser, Managing Director at the German Great Place to Work® Institute. “Attractive working conditions and a supportive culture of cooperation are a central key to business success, and to accomplishing important tasks in the future.”